Beautiful Diamond Cross hot show. Red-haired model from Russia.

The elegant Diamond Cross posing her gorgeous nude body

Get ready for an exciting new talent as Diamond Cross, a willowy auburn-tressed beauty, poses for us in a doorway. When we first see her, she’s dressed very ladylike in a reddish pink frock and gray jacket, looking almost as if she works at a hip fashion company. She tugs up the hem of her dress and we see the pink of her thong panty. When she takes down the dress our enjoyment increases at the sight of her 34A titties, supple tummy, and best of all, her beautiful behind. Standing before us in her panties, heels, and gold necklace, she begins the ultimate stage of her striptease, letting us see the alluring slit of her shaved pussy when she’s not turning around and letting the light caress the amazingly inviting curves of her truly splendid derriere. Diamond has a face like a movie star, with lush full lips and captivating green eyes, which Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture in some seductive closeups.

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